Benefits of customer self-service platforms
Benefits of customer self-service platforms

by Julia Laars, Plamen Petkov and Dominic „The CX Guy“

We are happy to announce ojuto’s first podcast with Julia Laars and Plamen Petkov, talking about customer self-service platforms.

The discussion contains a couple of arguments why an investment in an advanced self-service platform is the right strategy to increase customer service productivity and business growth.

For this purpose, we will discuss the following questions/topics together with Dominic “The CX Guy”.




00:00 // Presenting some numbers and ask ourselves >>What is self-service?<<

09:05 // Why must organizations care for self-service?

14:21 // What is the difference to a Q&A page in e.g., an online store?

18:00 // What are the trends in self-service?

25:24 // Top mistakes made at the beginning, as the organizations start with the development of the self-service  platform.

28:33 // Is there a BEST PRACTICE for building the structure? How is it easiest to use for the customer?

34:14 // Does the design matter?

42:20 // Media in the self-service, Videos, Pictures, gifs.

49:35 // Some tips to boost the performance -search results google.

57:00 // COVID and the Self-Service.

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